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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mom , im so sorry .

*I dedicated this post to my beloved ever mom :D
Hey mom . i am so sorrry because dah banyak buat salah dekat ibu . yaa , now i am 17 but still prangai macam budakbudak . i dont know why . yes , i am not like what u want i to be . but this is me mom . i am not too matured to be your daughter kebanggaan at all . i am so sorry . . tapy tuhan je yang tawu how much ilebiu . :* sometimes kakak pon ade jugak masaalah kat sekolah . . study . thats y ta de mud . and in that situation i have none of mood nak tolong ibu . kakak tawu ta patot buat macam tu . but i have feelings mom . but i promise u . one day i'll learn to be as matured as u want . and i promise to be one of your beloved children :) i promise that :) lastly . i love you forever . u r the best mom in the world :D <33

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